walking and building…

I took Katrina to Rolling Hills Park today. We walked a mile around the circle before she played on playground with some other kids a while.

After that we went home and built cubby hole shelves out of a bunch of Amazon, Pullup, and Wipes boxes.  We still have some bigger boxes we’ll hold back to build a castle later.  Used most of a roll of duct tape doing it but it looks nicer than it was when it was all just a pile of boxes that were taking up half of the room…

Moving around in all those boxes was difficult for this ol body.  Luckily I had my little helper to hold the tape, throw boxes from the opposite side of the room to help out Daddy, etc.  My back is definitely feeling it today.

Should have waited to do the Tens treatment tonight instead of this morning when I took a nap.

Managed to vacuum a bit earlier before we went to the park.

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