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Ibuprofen and Massage

Interesting article on muscle soreness.

In summary, ibuprofen taken before or after a workout, and massage afterward (sometimes a lot of massage), can reduce DOMS, but stretching before a workout doesn’t seem to help. Although there is no evidence that stretching after exercise reduces DOMS, I have seen light cardio for eight to 10 minutes followed by stretching reduce DOMS.

Welcome to Healthy Jeff!

Welcome to the Healthy Jeff Blog. My name is Jeff Thomann.  My primary blog is over at

The purpose of this new blog over here at is to have a blog focused slowly on eating right, working out, work out logs, etc.  That type of stuff I used to track some in my other blog, but that bloated my other blog too much and was kind of boring stuff to have in my personal blog.

I’ve allowed myself to become a very unhealthy person over time, sadly.  At the time of this writing, April 7, 2019, I’ve allowed myself to get to a point where I’m currently right at 300 lbs…  fluctuating a couple of lbs over or under that depending on water weight…

I plan to use this blog to kind of motivate me to not be so unhealthy and to keep better track of my health targets, goals, etc.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Shortly after that diagnosis I did a decent job of trying to start getting a little healthy.

Many factors have caused me over the years to slowly allow myself to become more and more unhealthy, including stress, depression, addictions to caffeine, additions to convenience stores that comes with commuting, office jobs that require me to sit at a desk for 8 or more hours a day (the last few months here in early 2019 overtime’s been crazy at work as it’s been 8+one hour of mandatory overtime daily for 4 days a week + mandatory 8 hours on weekend in addition, with one hour daily extra 4 of those days if possible… so potentially anywhere from 52-60 hours a week, and this has been going on since just about the first week of January – now as I type this we are ending the first week in April!… so many months of much over time. ..), etc.

However, I plan to not allow this type of unhealthy stuff continue to ruin my life.  I now have a young daughter who I would love to see grow to an old age.  I have an amazing wife that I am on this journey of life with that I love very much. I have an amazing life honestly.  My family and I deserve to see me live many more years, which is honestly something that may not happen if I don’t change my unhealthy ways… change a few silly old habits, change my diet towards one that is more healthy, etc.