100 lb bench x 20

the other day I mowed and have been swimming during Katrina’s swim classes… Next week staycation… so may or may not do a bunch of exercises… but after that it’s Rambo time!


Morning – walked for 20 minutes while watching Jessica Jones. Would have done more but I spent some time after walking to do the dishes so Tekla won’t have to this morning.

Over the weekend – Mowed.

Weighed in this morning and checked blood sugar… both are much higher than I’d like… but since I haven’t done as much exercise or eating right as I should it makes sense.   Next week I’m on vacation… staycation I should say…

Katrina Swam!

Today Tekla, Katrina and I spent some time at the YMCA pool. No classes were in session today so we had pretty much the whole pool to ourselves… I think 3 other people were there or so.

Anyways, Katrina swam on her own without any ski belt or aid from anyone else! This is the first time I’ve seen her do this for an extended amount of time. She did about 10 half laps!

Guess the swim lessons are finally starting to pay off.