Re-Starting the 1000 Day Tracker

Soon, on Monday, I will be restarting the 1000 day tracker idea that I started many years ago and kept falling off of the wagon on. This time I plan to stay on it firmly. I have been reading a lot in the No-S diet book that I bought a few weeks back. My daughter’s 10th birthday is just a few days over 1000 days from Monday! Getting to my target BMI goal by her 10th Birthday so I can play with her and enjoy life keeping up with her will be the best present I can think of! It’s going to take some work and discipline but I plan to track the No-S diet in a tracker that I just created in open office calc. It will also have a simple yex/no option for each day saying if I am doing morning back porch workout, ymca workout, and evening back porch workout. (Back porch has 100 lb bench press plus some dumbells and kettle bells). YMCA is walking distance from our house. I also plan to walk the dog routinely. We will be a healthy family! I will live long enough to reach my target BMI for myself and my family. Honesty session of Songham Taekwondo begins Monday. Honesty session for Daddy begins then as well!

First snow…

First snow of the winter happened yesterday. It’s very pretty and white outside still. This morning I biked for 20 minutes on exercise bike watching Star Trek Season 1 Episode 4 Where no man has gone before. Slowly working out daily doing watching one episode at a time. Today I walked after the 20 minutes. Stopped the biking because the back of my legs were getting sore. After the biking I walked back and forth pacing and doing a grapevine til the episode was over… 40 sold minutes or so of moving around. Feels good to do that. Prior to now on the previous episodes I was only biking and then sitting…. I may eventually work up to full episode biking but it will take some time to get there.

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I posted here. I have ups and downs.

I’ve mainly been tracking recent exercise on an actual wall calendar or excel type spreadsheet. At one point in time I was going to try to do the P90x3 and did it consistently for a few days but then quit. I will get back in to training regularly soon since we plan to buy a dog in the near future and I’ll probably be walking him a lot. We did recently quit the YMCA since we were not getting the benefit out of it we needed, especially since for the month of martial arts classes we paid for Katrina only attended less than 5 classes as swimming class was on part of the days and the martial arts instructor kept not showing up due to either sick days, days he could not find a vehicle since he apparently ‘really works’ for the YMCA or someplace in Ashland but relies on others to drive him, etc. I was planning to initially work on on weights or cardio machines while Katrina attended martial arts class but that didn’t work out since she was not comfortable in the class when not in line-of-sight of daddy. That’s all right with me! 🙂

Tonight is the first night I’ve tried some night splints to see if they help with my pain in my feet under the area where my little toe connects to the rest of the foot, and radiating back from there… Just woke up before creating this post and there were some small indentions in skin where the splint was cutting in due to being a bit tight. I’m a bit used to stuff like that around my face due to bipap machine… I also got a 10 foot tube on the bipap machine since the little 6 footer was causing me to yank the machine on to the floor on accident. Things are hopefully going to improve massively health wise in the upcoming months. I saw Dr. Summerhays today in MOI. I scheduled an appointment for diabetes with Dr. Koch in a couple of weeks. I really don’t want to go on insulin but am afraid he’ll want me to… so I was extremely hesitant to sign up for that, but did anyways since this is the first year we actually met deductible on insurance since Katrina had the fall on the last day in June that broke all bones in her elbow and a few in wrist, and since Tekla had a fall accident earlier in the year… Hope the rest of the year is a bit more healthy as we progress in to 2021 soon.