255 fasting blood sugar! Yikes!  I really need to start working out and eating right again soon!


Just Dance

15 Minutes of Just Dance 2015.  That background on the Get Low song always looks like Magneto’s helmet to me, lol…

I would have done more this morning but did the dishes too since they needed to be done so my amazing wife won’t have to do them when she awakens.

(also worked on my Entropia Shop Thread a bit before the workout this morning)

Dorm Room Workout.

Got down to 8:24 left before I had to stop since the jumping jacks ain’t things this body is ready for yet…

Yesterday did 100 lb bench x 20

Unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to mow this weekend since we went to the State Fair over the weekend and had a dental appointment yesterday and school orientation yesterday evening.

So crazy that Katrina’s going to Kindergarten starting this week!