walked a bit this morning for 18 minutes before my legs started to feel a little sore.  Watched Marvels Runaways while doing this… love that this is on Marvel Plus Now.


165 lb benchpress x 20

180 lb legpress x 20

60 lb flies x 20

60 lb upright row x 20

60 lb lateral pulldown x 20

70 lb leg lift x 10

Dr. Lynn’s Anti Aging Workout For Every Body

Tried to do Dr. Lynn’s Anti Aging Workout For Every Body on Tubi til the first commercial hit… Than I quit because the commercial break was happening during an extreme pose with elbows on floor, hip up, and toes stretched… this sort of yoga stuff is bad to be stuck in during a commercial break.  I like that tubi has exercise programs, but don’t like the blasted commercial interruptions during them as that is sort of dangerous in some situations…. holding a crazy pose for 30 seconds to a minute longer than you are supposed to can actually cause physical damage so I won’t be doing exercise programs on tubi any longer… which sucks because they do have some interesting programs.